Hint and Tips for Smoking Pipe Owners

Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Georges Simenon – all these famous writers are united with a common passion – smoking a pipe. The real connoisseurs of this exquisite accessory understand literati like no one else: it is easy to relax and bring the thoughts in order while taking in the pleasant aroma of tobacco. So many new ideas may rush our mind at such moments.

So, you have joined the happy smoking pipe owners club. You might have received it as a present, or you just decided to treat yourself to such a unique handmade accessory. Thanks to the flawless combination of materials you can feel all the pleasures of tobacco smoking. The pipe itself if made of the pear stump wood, the mouthpiece is of ebonite, and the filter is of bronze.

Experienced smokers will say that the first step is to puff a new pipe to life, previously packed it with tobacco. It is ok if the first try goes wrong, do not hesitate to relight a pipe using a match or lighter. Over time, you will do it without the slightest effort.


The basic principle of packing a pipe is to know the limit. Packing too tight, to the brim, will turn out into hard airflow and constant spilling of the ash; and vice versa, filling too loose will end up in the tobacco fast burn out.

How to fill properly? Follow these steps:

  • Pack the bowl medium tight in one third of the volume and completely smoke it. Such a pleasant procedure is recommended to follow for 6-8 days.
  • After that, the pipe should be packed in half the volume and also completely smoked. This part requires as much time.
  • To finish season a pipe, repeat the process with three-quarter bowl packing.

Note that commonly tobacco is added in several batches, tamping each one. Also, it is recommended to condense tobacco while smoking too. Thus, you extend the pleasure, and the pipe will not constantly turn down.


After packing, proceed to the next step – lighting the pipe. You can use both matches and lighters to do that. Move the flame smoothly covering the whole area, so that all tobacco could smolder uniformly; and at the same time start puffing.

How to understand that the pipe is lit up? It’s very simple: tobacco begins to rise forming a cap, which must be tamped. It is covered with a layer of ash. Then light the pipe again, and proceed directly to smoking.

If you used to smoke cigarettes, try to avoid the major mistake that is quick and deep inhaling. Doing so you can easily burn your tongue, and the wooden bowl may burn through.

Take slow and easy inhales, relax, set your mind at rest, inhale again. That is the way experienced smokers do. The smoke should be dry and cool, you will feel it yourself. Having enjoyed smoking, do not rush to re-fill the pipe: hot wood is easy to damage.


The wooden pipe is a true masterpiece of art. Therefore, you would want to extend its life time as long as possible. To do this, follow these simple rules:

  1. Eventually, a cake of ash develops on the walls of the bowl. It protects the wood from premature burning, and absorbs resin and moisture. The layer should not be too thick. It must be removed on time, otherwise the pipe might crack. Use special pipe knife (the reamer) to take care of it, as an ordinary kitchen knife or a sharp object can easily damage the delicate surface. Carbon deposit should be removed uniformly, otherwise tobacco turns to one side, that burns through faster.
  2. In order to prevent inhaling harmful compounds that accumulate on the stinger, it should be cleaned with ordinary cotton fabric. It is advised to wet the fabric with an alcohol-containing solution.
  3. Remove the stem (move it smoothly) and clean the bore with a special tool (the pick).
  4. To remove the ashes, it is enough to lightly tap the shank of the pipe against the palm of your hand, but not against solid objects.
  5. Do not use water, strong spirits, or solvents to clean the bowl.
  6. Artisans carefully treated the surface with mastic resin. In order for the coating to become like a new one, polish it with a soft fabric.
  7. Do you always take this accessory with you? If yes, then keep in mind to purchase a leather or suede case for it.
  8. When at home, smokers prefer to use special stands to keep their pipes safe. The pipe then, settled on a stand stem-up, goes to a dry place. To prevent the accessory from cracking, there should not be any sun rays or sharp-smelling substances around it. The wood has a tendency to absorb all unpleasant odors.
We hope our hints and tips will help you to get true pleasure of smoking a pipe, and its sophisticated design will inspire you with lots of new ideas.